Market-based solutions for smallholder farmers

Farmshine is a global agriculture platform where farmers, buyers and service providers can trade on mutually beneficial terms.

Connecting low-cost producers to end buyers

There are over 8,000,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya, 40,000,000 in East Africa and nearly one billion around the world. Many of these farmers are unable to access fair prices on the global market.

Although smallholder farmers often are the low-cost producers of a given crop, agricultural buyers prefer to trade with one seller rather than many individuals.

From seed to sale

Our technical field agents provide farmers with advice and support throughout the growing season, and help them aggregate crops for sale to large buyers.

Farmshine's platform connects farmers with the information, suppliers and service providers they need to minimize costs and maximize harvests.

Improving the Agriculture Value Chain

Market efficiency

Eliminate several layers of middlemen to connect low-cost producers directly with end buyers.

Pooled purchasing

Aggregate farmers for advantageous rates on seeds and other inputs, small loans and crop insurance.


Ensure traceability of farmers' production, improving both value chain transparency and farmers' access to markets and credit.

Higher value crops

Give farmers the information and contacts they need to access markets for organic and high value crops.


Millions of smallholder farmers become empowered producers of the world's food.

Livelihood Impact

The company’s ultimate objective is to create an efficient market environment in which farmers can earn the highest possible income. We increase farmers’ profits through a combination of increased crop productivity and higher contract prices for crops.

Environmental Impact

While the company’s short-term goal is to improve farmers’ incomes, our long-term success depends upon the health and sustainability of the land and water resources. Our technical field agents help farmers increase crop productivity while practicing climate smart agriculture techniques.

Social Impact

A portion of Farmshine’s profits are invested in improving rural communities. These initiatives address the financial and social constraints faced by marginalized people earning $2-5 per day.